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Irene van Dyk, South-African born New Zealand netballer, is the most popular netballer in the sport’s history and the most capped player in the international arena. She was born on 21st June 1978 and is 48 years old. She started her netball career in 1994, representing South Africa 72 times and always led the team. In 2000, she moved to Wellington, New Zealand, and selectors included her in the national team called Silver Ferns. In 2003, game officials gave her the award for New Zealand Sportswoman of the Year. She represented New Zealand for 14 years before she retired from the game in June 2014.

There are several reasons for Irene’s success in this sport. In her prime, she used to shoot 300 goals per day for fun. Her husband Christie used to analyze her game and correct the mistakes to improve her play. People know her for her consistent shots with a high accuracy level rarely seen in the netball game. Irene’s tall height, 191cm or 6ft 4inches, innate athleticism, and strong hands have helped her dominate the game and achieve many career milestones.

The Guardian, a popular journal, published a list of the world’s top ten best netballers in 2013.

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1.Laura Langman

She played Netball for New Zealand. She was considered the most valuable player for Silver Ferns. She was well known for her fearless drives, a technique to tackle an opponent down while defending, and the ability to hit the top of the circle at high speed distinguished her from the other players.

2.Geva Mentor

She played for England and was a legendary Netball goalkeeper in the game. Her deflections and intercepts always proved to be crucial in the game. Her aerial skills were perfect for her team to win matches against opponents who were tall players. She had a stable temperament, footwork, positioning, strength, and agility.

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3.Natalie Medhurst

She played Netball for Australia and was very calm under pressure, accurate, and easy-going with her teammates. She was one of Australia’s best goal-attack options, and her speed, footwork, long-bombs, feeding, and court play are truly commendable.

4.Casey Kopua

She played for New Zealand and was renowned for her agility considering her height and physique. She was the best Netball defender with fantastic athleticism and circle defensive comprehension. She has inborn leadership skills.

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5.Jhaniele Fowler

She was a Jamaican player, standing at 198cm tall. She had strong hands, and her height gave her an edge over the opponents. She showed some strong performances against many defensive styles in Netball.

6.Irene van Dyk

She played for New Zealand and was the most desired goaling option for Silver Ferns. Her timing, shot accuracy and consistency, dedication, and brilliant attitude made her a favorite among Netball enthusiasts.

7.Renae Hallinan

She played for Australia and was a one-on-one defender who destroyed wing attacks by the opponents and put pressure on goal attacks to play multiple positions.

8. Laura Geitz

She played Netball for Australia and was one of the few defenders who pulled astonishing intercepts. She had a firm intention always to adapt and improve her game.

9.Maria Tutaia

She played for New Zealand and was a classy long-range shooter. Although being tall, Tutaia never approached a high ball. She preferred shooting from inside the circle.

10.Natalie Von Bertouch

She played for Australia, captained her Netball team. She pulled some fantastic intercepts and was spectacular, both defensive and attacking modes.

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