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If you are a Netball lover, Netball Skills and Drills is the place for you. Nearly 20 million people in more than 80 countries love to play and follow Netball. With a strong profile, high viewership, and passion for the game,

Netball Skills and Drills is a website designed exclusively to provide Netball lover’s opportunities to connect with the game. Netball continues to be embraced by a broad cross-section of global society, both urban and rural, children, and adults. Although played predominately by women and girls, men’s Netball is also growing in stature.

This site features news, articles, matches schedules, liveblogs and scorecards, and updated player’s ranking, a database of historical matches, and players profiles.

Now you will never miss any game of Netball by subscribing to our website. We will keep you updated on all the netball matches happening anywhere in the world.

All the four major international netball competitions, the Netball World Cup, Netball at the Commonwealth Games, Netball Quad Series, and Fast5 Netball World Series, are exclusively covered on this website. Apart from the major international competitions, all other tournaments and leagues, including the Caribbean Netball Association (CNA) Under 16 Championship, the American Federation of Netball Associations (AFNA) Senior Championship,

Also the  Asian Netball Championship, the Netball Super league, the Suncorp Super Netball (Australia) and ANZ Premiership (New Zealand) are embraced on this website so that you don’t miss any event of your favorite sports.

If you have begun to develop the love for Netball, we are here to guide you regarding the rules of all the three variants of Netball; indoor Netball, Fast5, and Netball for children. 

From court dimensions to the number of players in each team and their assigned specific positions and roles, we will explain and discuss, in our expert blogs, everything you need to know to understand and enjoy the game to the fullest.

We ensure that the fans of Netball never miss any update of not just the game but of their favorite athletes from the sport of Netball.

On Netball Skills and Drills, you will find an updated list of the greatest players of all times with insight into their personal and professional life, game technique, and achievements and records.

Netball Skills and Drills also provides high-quality netball coaching programs – where girls can learn both the fundamental skills of Netball and understand the game –all in a positive and friendly environment.

All of the Netball Skills and Drills programs are built with the netballer at heart. Our specially designed coaching programs provide the players with an introduction into Netball – developing and improving fundamental skills such as catching,

passing, footwork, movement, shooting, and ball handling. Our aim is for our upcoming netballers to enjoy the sessions and feel comfortable and confident with the ball.

In our performance programs, we provide sessions where netballers can push themselves, improve their agility, speed, vision, and game-sense, and look at individual skills of defending, shooting, and feeding the circle.

Happy Netball, Enjoy!

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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