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Dr.Welland Ankle Stabilizer – Foot Immobilizer Lace Up Ankle Support Brace – Sports Injuries, Sprains, Swelling Joint Pain, Tendonitis, Heel Spur – Adjustable Compression Straps Guard Protector

Price: $18.99
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DRWELLAND ankle stabilizer stimulates blood circulation, stabilize joint and retain therapeutic heat. It is ideal for rehabilitation after ankle injury or surgery. The premium fabric and air cell technology can constantly offer moderate compression to your weak and sore ankle. Your deserve optimal compression support, professional protection, instant ankle pain relief and fast recovery from bursitis, plantar fasciitis, strains, sprains, arthritis, swelling, and chronic or acute ankle injury symptoms.The open heel design allows a wide range of motivation during daily activities. Without restriction, you can avoid secondary injury. It is more suitable for everyday wear to reduce the risk of injury. More comfortable for long time use, it is a must ankle device for families.The ankle brace cover wide needs, from small to xx-large. With removable supportive splints, the ankle brace is perfect for both left and right foot, man and woman, more versatile and practical. you can adjust lace for customized tightness with strong hook and loop fasteners.

ENHANCED ANKLE SUPPORT: Two fantastic design make 360 – degrees support available – unique plastic and aluminum supporting splints can remove to fit both feet, figure-eight shaped fastening straps can fix foot better. . Highly quality splints make weak ankle joint in right place, speed up healing and increase stamina. Innovative figure-8 shaped straps are absolutely secure, firm and durable, customized support is easy to obtain.
INNOVATIVE OPEN HEEL DESIGN: More convenient and flexible. The open heel design allows a wide range of motivation during daily activities. Without restriction, you can avoid secondary injury. It is more suitable for everyday wear to reduce the risk of injury. More comfortable for long time use, it is a must ankle device for families.
BILATERAL FIT: After testing hundreds volunteers, we find the accurate size range. The ankle brace cover wide needs, from small to xx-large. With removable supportive splints, the ankle brace is perfect for both left and right foot, man and woman, more versatile and practical. you can adjust lace for customized tightness with strong hook and loop fasteners.
BREATHABLE MATERIAL: We adopt premium neoprene material to produce superior durability and strength. The extreme comfortable material is permeable to air, especially fits for hot days use. The breathable fabric is soothing enough that without any irritable. Mesh liner is easy to wear for your inconvenient ankle. It is washable, durable, lightweight and flexible, can give you the best value for your money.

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currexSole ActivePro – Football – Soccer- Baseball & Boat Shoes

Price: $29.95
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German designed currex ActivePRO’s are the world’s leading soccer/football insoles. Design for superior comfort, speed push and rapid acceleration. ActivePRO are specifically designed for all Field Sports, such as Football, Soccer, Baseball, Field Lacrosse& Rugby. They are also excellent for thin Brown Shoes and all COURT SPORTS , such as tennis, badminton, squash, volleyball & pickle ball. Triple Layer CAGE construction for breathability. Poron rear and forefoot shock absorber. Mid foot flexible guidance system. Decoupled heel which allows the heel to remain stable while the arch naturally pronates. All sizes differ in density & size of the arch support to respect different weight & forces. Designed to help Improve and avoid knee pain, collapsed arches, Achilles tendinopathy (tendinitis), back pain, blisters, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel pain, IT band syndrome, ankle pain, arch pain, or bursitis. World class Soccer professionals like Rafinha Alcántara or even members of the German National Team use currex ActivePRO from currex.


Which Profile HIGH/MED or LOW: If you are not sure about your arch – look for water test to determine your arch at home

Our Insoles are Trim to fit – please review instructions on the box or contact us in case you need support

INJURY PREVENTION: Designed to reduce foot pressure & fatigue, improve performance & prevent injuries by reducing stress on joints, ligaments & tendons, the cause of many injuries in the foot, knee & hips
ANTISLIP: Groundbreaking NEO TOUCH grip technology reduces slippage
STABILITY: Fills void between foot & flat shoe liner creating close to full foot contact for increased stability
CUSTOMIZATION: Builds a individual dynamic arch into the standard flat cleat. Blue-HIGH, Orange-MED or Red-LOW? Your foot-type determines the color!

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gonicc Professional Foot Sleeve Pair(2 Pcs) with Compression Wrap Support, Breathable, Stabiling Ligaments, Prevent Re-Injury, Boots Circulation, Ankle Brace, Volleyball Protective Gear Ankle Guards.

Price: $15.95
(as of Dec 26,2020 01:32:21 UTC – Details)

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Greenery-GRE Extra Large Mesh Equipment Bag Adjustable Strap Drawstring Heavy Duty Hold 15 Soccer Balls Netball Basketball Football Bags Sports Duffel

Price: $18.32 - $16.99
(as of Dec 26,2020 01:31:59 UTC – Details)

-Getting bummed out about missing some balls just before basketball practice?

– Tired of dealing with several balls scattered all over the room?

– Looking to organize sport balls, so they’re easy to locate when needed?

– Do you wish you have a sturdy ball sack that holds up well?

– Eager for a convenient way to transport sport balls?

Yes, this mesh bag can help you resove all the problens.
During sports team practice, you want to make sure everything is all set including the balls to use.This is why having a spacious and durable bag for sport balls is a huge necessity. The Garage Fit ball sack is the perfect storage space for balls. It’s made of a sturdy fabric with mesh panels to keep the balls dry and clean after use. Since it can fit as much as 15 balls, just grab this bag and you’re ready to go ¨C you’ve got the equipment you need for practice! It helps Organize multiple balls before and after team practice or just keep these all in one neat spot anytime, anywhere! Comes with an adjustable carry handle and a drawstring closure on top for an easy carrying wherever you go. It is in multi-use, not only store your sports equipment gear such as footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, soccer, rugby balls, netballs, tennis balls, handballs, golf, martial arts, karate, taekwondo, boxing, Jiu Jitsu, but also can act as a travel or household storage bag for clothes shoes etc. Help Keep all items organized and in excellent condition. Easy access to get it! Ideal for use in outdoor events, sports, gym, school, beach, water sports, recreational centers and more. It is an essential item for any training ground for all levels.

Package include:

one pc oversized mesh bag (Balls not included)

【HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL】 – High density waterproof 420D Oxford cloth combined with reinforced mesh made, visible, tear-resistant and durable for long time use. Reusable and washable.
【LARGE CAPACITY MESH SACK】 – Heavy duty drawstring mesh ball bag with large capacity can hold up to 15 pieces fully inflated footballs basketball volleyball soccer ball or more baseball rugby net balls. Bottom diameter 19.3 inch, Overall height 51 inch.
【ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP & DRAWSTRING OPENING】- From coaches to players, adults to youth, the adjustable carrying strap allows everyone to use it with ease, custom it to a comfort snug fit. The adjustable drawstring opening not only makes access to your equipment easy, but also provides secure and tight closure.
【MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE】 – This mesh pack can not only store your sports equipment gear such as footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, soccer, rugby balls, netballs, tennis balls, handballs, golf, martial arts, karate, taekwondo, boxing, Jiu Jitsu, but also can act as a travel or household storage bag for clothes shoes etc. Help Keep all items organized and in excellent condition. Easy access to get it!
【APPLIED OCCASIONS】 – Ideal for use in outdoor events, sports, gym, school, beach, water sports, recreational centers and more. It is an essential item for any training ground for all levels. Package include: 1*oversized mesh bag (Balls not included) +1* bonus drawstring bag gift. Economical for you, don’t miss it!

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Belly Dancing for Lifetime Fitness and Fat Burning

Belly dancing regularly is a fitness program that stimulates the fat burning button for your metabolism. If you’re looking for fitness that will stay with you throughout your lifetime metabolic changes then look into the popular craze of Belly dance. Some people think the dance is hard but that’s simply because most fitness training works on “building” muscle rather than feeling muscle.

Belly dance moves may seem more complicated than regular exercise but in truth the belly, hip and chest moves are based on the basic shapes of the body. The moves are centered from pumping the energy from the legs and feet, to the hips, chest and head. Belly dance moves are not only about building body and muscle strength or control. These ancient dance moves take you deeper into yourself and create internal strength of the abdomen and spine, while also expressing yourself in a graceful and skillful way.

The movement of the pelvis repeatedly works like a pump on the belly cavity that holds and protects the organs. Belly rolls or “undulations” both massage the organs and soothe the nervous system. The popular movement of the belly dance “shimmy” uses shaking from the hips and spine that stimulates the brain and pituitary gland and hormonal system. The repetitive undulating moves stimulate the brain juices, lymphatic fluids, and “pumps” in the body that regulate the nervous system, lymphatic system and hormonal system.

The benefits of belly dance have been contributed to the focus of the dance on the belly organs and especially the lower belly. While Belly dance is good for women and the reproductive organs, there are many more health and fitness benefits of belly dancing. The dance actually works on the entire central channel of the body, from the head and brain to neck and chest, upper abs, middle abs and lower abs.

In dancing with the central channel of the body you stimulate the connection between hormonal function and breathing. Chest lifts and drops activate the diaphragm and target the abdominal muscles that activating breathing and also pump the central bundle of nerves that regulate digestion. The central channel of the body – also connected to what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls “triple burner” – activates the core heating system of the body which creates and balances energy and metabolism as well as stimulates weight loss and fat burning. The internal workout provided by belly dance builds up your body heat as well as works out your organs, nervous and hormonal system, digestive system and breathing!

The popular dance has been enjoyed for thousands of years because it’s good for the whole body, not just the belly. For beginners to Belly dance Fitness, you will start with repeating moves to feel how different parts of the body are connected and separate at the same time! When beginning to learn the dance, start with beginning to feel the different parts of the body, the hips, midriff chest, abs, arms and spine. Feel the energy coming up the body from the feet. Integrating the whole body creates the most impact on your total body fitness that switches on your body’s natural metabolic and fat burning capability.

Source by Angela Ambrosia

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Using Wave Drills and Games in Volleyball Practice

Wave drills in volleyball are something quite useful for working with larger groups of players, as well as working players through a high intensity drill in a way which keeps them from getting overly tired. Basically, this involves putting players into groups and rotating them through positions in a game or drill as a group. Doing so can be an effective way to minimize down time in the form of players being out of the action. It can also be used to move players into a less demanding part of the drill after going through a high intensity sequence.

A game like Winners 3s is a simple version of a wave structure. At the end of each point, one group of players comes off while another group comes on, and there may be a shift in a third group from the challenge side of the court to the winners side.

Another variation on this could be having the team in cohorts of three, then playing some kind of 6 v 6 game during which those cohorts are rotated through front and back court positions. A simple version on this could be to have a new wave come on in the back court position on one side after each rally ends. That would then cascade the waves through, pushing the back court cohort on the other side of the net off as the front court group moves into their place. This would allow you to have players on for 4 straight rotations and only off a minimal amount of time (1 rotation if you have 5 groups, 2 rotations if you have 6).

You could also do error-based waiving. For example, say you have 18 players. You split them into six groups of three. Three teams are assigned to each side of the court, two teams on and one off waiting. The teams play through a rally. One of the cohorts on the losing side is replaced by the cohort waiting on the sideline based on some rule, like which group was at fault for the point lost.

You can no doubt think of numerous ways waves could be put to use. In fact, you’re probably using them in a kind of ad hoc way right now. When you have front and back row flip during a drill or game that’s a form of a wave. The advantage of formalizing the wave rotations, however, is that players become responsible for doing so automatically so you don’t have to stop things to get it done. This will save time and help keep the intensity of the training up.

Source by John H Forman

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Fans Want to Stay Up-To-Date With Information About Volleyball Games

While some fans of volleyball are going to follow a certain team, others are going to want information about all of the games. People that love the sport may watch several different volleyball games. There are a lot of them going on all of the time.

It can be hard to keep track of when every one of them is being played. There are a lot of places that they will play and a lot of different times of the day that these can go on. It can be a fun sport to follow while being one of the most popular worldwide sports.

Teams look forward to playing certain teams. It may be because they know that they can win against the other team or because they are going to be facing a challenge. While every team wants to win all of their games, every game will have a winner and a loser. Both teams cannot walk away with the winning title.

A team will realize that going into the game. While losing can be a disappointment, they know that they have more opportunities to come. They can practice and work harder so that the next one can be won.

Fans want to have the latest information about scores as well as news about the teams and players. They can get that information online. They can get much more than that though.

Training information, job information and much more will be at the click of a mouse. It is important to be able to have all of this information in one place. Nobody wants to spend hours on end searching for all of this information.

They want to be able to go to one place and find everything. There are several places that they will offer information but they do not offer all of the information in one place. Coaches, players, job seekers and fans can all go to one spot and get the information that they are looking for.

There are certain areas of the world that people will watch the teams. They like to follow through and find out how their whole season is going. Everybody has the opportunity to choose a favorite team and see what the team does each week.

There are a lot of things that people take for granted when reporting about a game or a player. Information may get left out or the scores may not get updated throughout the game. Not all of the fans are able to come out and watch them play every single time.

When someone is just getting starting in this sport, they will be able to get valuable information about playing it. They can learn the rules as well as certain things to do to help the game. It is important to make sure that people are well versed in it before they head out to a competition with another team.

While there a lot of people who will play the game for fun, some people are competing in championship volleyball games and much more. It is important that their fans and other players can get all of the latest information. Whether someone is looking for news, scores or information about the games, they will be able to find it all in one spot. This can be a great asset to anyone who follows all of the teams and wants all of the latest information quickly.

Source by Blanka Popelkova

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Boost Your Netball Skills Rapidly – Know These 4 Important Netball Drills

Whoever once said that practice makes things possible and people successful was right – a lot of hardwork, consistency and passion drives people forward. This is a similar case when it comes to playing games and showing complete participation in each of them – one must not only be familiar with the rules of the game but also with the necessary skills and techniques that act as the driving factors for the game.

Netball being one of the most recent games requires a lot practice and attention so the players can really make a mark on whatever they’re playing the sport. Practicing the necessary netball drills comes out to be the only possible solution.

So, for all you people who’re looking for some serious inspiration and drills that will improve their netball skills rapidly here is something that you’d admire. Make sure you practice all of these drills and techniques next time when you’re up for a game.

  • Reaction Drill – Netball being the team invasion sport that it is requires high levels of fitness and this is not something that should be compromised upon. Without having a good fitness base the skills wouldn’t really matter, so make sure you are never reluctant to practice the drills that improve your fitness. A simple tip that needs to be followed is using the reaction drills for a short period of time during each training session – the results will always be commendable (provided you never make the skips that are possible).

The reaction drill can be used in groups of any size, so you’ll never have to worry about the splits that need to be made in the groups. To begin with, the players spread around the court – standing 2 or 3 meters from each other. The coach is required to stand in the centre of the circle and from there signal the players to start the drill. Upon receiving the signal the players must ‘fast feet’ while continually moving their bodies to face the ball. The coach will pass the ball to either member, and it continues around the group, while other players continue fast foot and follow the ball around.

  • Cardio Shooting – Among a number of netball training drills the one that should never be missed out on is cardio shooting. The drill focuses not only on fitness but also on improving the shooting skills. Performed between two players, one of whom acts as a shooter and the other as a retriever. The one who s the retriever places the ball at some place on the semi-circle, while the shooter sprints from there to the sideline and then the back. When they both get back to the ball, the attempt a shot (improving the shooting skills too). Once this is done, the shooter runs back to the sideline and back again, while the retriever places the ball at the other place on the circle. The drill can be continued until ten shots are made or for the certain time period.
  • Dodgeball Variation – The way to practice this drill is to split your players into two teams, and place one in each of the center and goal thirds. Give each team a number of balls – maybe half as many balls as there are players. The players then throw the balls to each other, while trying to catch the other team’s passes. It is different to dodgeball in the sense that the two teams are trying to work together in a way to successfully pass the ball. This drill works well in teams which are already quite skilled, and who have a strong desire to work well together and a strong sense of self-motivation.
  • Weaving Drill – This drill depends on the basics of the game: get your feet moving quickly. To begin with – set up a line of cones about 1.5 meters apart. The athletes then take turns moving through the line of cones, using just their outside legs to push-off. Once they reach the end, they turn around and return in the same way. Time each player so they can try and beat each other’s times and improve their own. This drill would be especially useful when incorporated in some sort of training or fitness circuit so that the players don’t have to wait a long time between turns.

Players have the chance to choose from a number of drills depending on the area they are willing to cover and improve apart from the regular ones that improve people’s performance in the game and their fitness.

If you’re looking for some help related to drills make sure to check out a few netball drill videos because that is the undoubtedly the fastest way for you to learn something about the game without much problems.

Source by J. Hardy

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All You Need to Know About Exercise Intensity

Exercise Intensity refers to the amount of energy spent while exercising. The expended or spent energy varies from person to person and is dependent on the BMR (basal metabolic rate) of the body. Intensity of exercise has effects on the fuel consumption and the post workout adaptations of the body.

Intensity can also be termed as the amount of physical power that is used by the body when performing an intense act. For example, exercise intensity can define how much effort the body has to put if one has to walk half a mile in ten minutes.

Choose your training zone by THR

Fitness experts say that Aerobic exercises should be “moderately to challenging” intense. The obvious question now is how to determine the intensity of exercise. There are three main ways in which to do this. Target Heart Rate, Talk test and rate of perceived exertion. Target heart Rate is the commonest and easiest method of measuring intensity. Subtract your age from 220 (226 if you are female) to get your Mhr (Maximum Heart Rate).

Alternatively you can apply the Karmoven formula or a treadmill stress test. If your age is above 35 years and you have lived a sedentary life, its best to have your optimum training zone clinically tested. If you plan to start intense exercise as a beginner, its best to wear a heart rate monitor.

There are different kinds of training zones. Healthy zone or warm up zone which allows you to exert to 50-60% of your Mhr. This zone is beneficial for the cure of obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Fitness training zone extends up to 70% of Mhr and has the same benefits as its previous zone but burns a lot more calories.

Endurance training zone employs up to 80% of Mhr and is generally meant for endurance training.

The next zone is Anaerobic training which uses up to 90% of Mhr, 15% of total calories burnt comprise of fat cells. This training zone strengthens the body’s lactose tolerance level and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

The last level is Red Line (over 90% of Mhr) which requires you to be in excellent physical shape before you start training. You can only stay in this zone for short periods with medical approval.

RPE and Talk Test

RPE or rate of perceived exertion is the most versatile method of measuring exercise as it can be done across all age groups and requires no calculations. In this method, you have to feel how hard you are exerting yourself during exercise and fix your scale according to it.

The scale runs as follows;1-rest, 2-very light,3-light,4-fairly light,5-somewhat hard,6-almost hard, 7-hard,8-extremely hard,9-very hard,10-extreme exertion. The recommended range for adults is 5-7 RPE. People who have taken beta blocker medicines, diabetics and pregnant women can only use RPE for measuring intensity. Talk test is another method of measuring exercise intensity. The talk test says that you should work out at a level which allows you to talk comfortably.

For example, you are exercising too hard if your words come out in sharp gasps. On the other hand, if you are singing comfortably without breathing hard while exercising, you are probably not working out hard enough.

Fuel used and BMR

Fuel used by the body during exercise is generally of two types, carbohydrates and fats. Carbs are burned more in high intensity activities short burst activities and fats are burned more in low intensity long duration activities. This happens because in low intensity exercises the body does not have to produce energy/ATP (adenosine triphosphate) immediately. So the kind of food you have will have a direct bearing on the intensity of exercise you can sustain.

This explains why athletes are advised to be on a high carb diet, specially before an event. Research has proved that periods of intense activity interspersed by relatively sedentary periods can lead to a small but significant change in BMR (basal metabolic rate). Basal metabolic rate is the calorific measure of food you need to consume in order to maintain your current weight.

The ideal BMR level in a normal healthy Caucasian is supposed to be around 74.4%.This means that 74.4% of your body mass is burning energy while you rest. As you start working out regularly your BMR level rises, increasing your muscle mass and your body’s capacity to burn calories.

Recent scientific research shows that Cr (Creatinine) supplements improve the body’s stamina for strenuous athletic performance like jumps and sprints. So if you want to stay fit and get the maximum benefit out of your exercise regime, you must plan your exercise intensity.

Source by Kya Cassiuss Victoria

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All About Netball And How Many Players Are in a Netball Team

If you cite one aspect of the social netball that makes it a thrilling sport, then it should be its being a contact game. It is necessary to have the right skills to play the game and to be competitive in joining social competitions. But unlike the other contact sports, things are kept social in netball.

You may still get injured though in playing netball. It is just like any other physical activity where you can get hurt if you do not take extra care. Now, to ensure that from the players to the umpires, to the spectators and the organisers, incidents do not occur, taking precautions is necessary.

There are certain general rules for playing this sport. Although it welcomes teams, women or mixed, players should be 18 years old and above. You do not have to be a professional to be able to join a competition. For as long as you know the rules and you have the skills, you can go ahead and sign up for a game or more, to your heart’s content.

You can have the option to join teams or form one. As long as you have enough players to form your own team, then you are good to go. To complete a netball team, you should have 12 players all in all. Not everyone can play on the court, though. Only seven chosen players will have to play with each of them a specific position to master.

As organizers have the umpires who are passionate and professional in what they do for the community, you can be guaranteed of safety. They run the regulations as they have mastered them already for the sake of everyone who joins the competitions.

There are different playing venues depending on the choice of the organizers. These places where you can play and enjoy are often for professional games as well. The credits are to be given to the club for supporting its members well with these playing venues.

Companies, churches, and even social clubs can now join as well as develop their relationships through this type of sport. Again, you just have to join the most safely run social netball to ensure that you attain your goal for your team and not end up getting injured. Aside from this, you also have to ensure that there is one primary care person among the team to take care of injured players.

Source by Barbara Greene
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