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Boost Your Netball Skills Rapidly – Know These 4 Important Netball Drills

Posted by: | Posted on: December 9, 2020

Whoever once said that practice makes things possible and people successful was right – a lot of hardwork, consistency and passion drives people forward. This is a similar case when it comes to playing games and showing complete participation in each of them – one must not only be familiar with the rules of the game but also with the necessary skills and techniques that act as the driving factors for the game.

Netball being one of the most recent games requires a lot practice and attention so the players can really make a mark on whatever they’re playing the sport. Practicing the necessary netball drills comes out to be the only possible solution.

So, for all you people who’re looking for some serious inspiration and drills that will improve their netball skills rapidly here is something that you’d admire. Make sure you practice all of these drills and techniques next time when you’re up for a game.

  • Reaction Drill – Netball being the team invasion sport that it is requires high levels of fitness and this is not something that should be compromised upon. Without having a good fitness base the skills wouldn’t really matter, so make sure you are never reluctant to practice the drills that improve your fitness. A simple tip that needs to be followed is using the reaction drills for a short period of time during each training session – the results will always be commendable (provided you never make the skips that are possible).

The reaction drill can be used in groups of any size, so you’ll never have to worry about the splits that need to be made in the groups. To begin with, the players spread around the court – standing 2 or 3 meters from each other. The coach is required to stand in the centre of the circle and from there signal the players to start the drill. Upon receiving the signal the players must ‘fast feet’ while continually moving their bodies to face the ball. The coach will pass the ball to either member, and it continues around the group, while other players continue fast foot and follow the ball around.

  • Cardio Shooting – Among a number of netball training drills the one that should never be missed out on is cardio shooting. The drill focuses not only on fitness but also on improving the shooting skills. Performed between two players, one of whom acts as a shooter and the other as a retriever. The one who s the retriever places the ball at some place on the semi-circle, while the shooter sprints from there to the sideline and then the back. When they both get back to the ball, the attempt a shot (improving the shooting skills too). Once this is done, the shooter runs back to the sideline and back again, while the retriever places the ball at the other place on the circle. The drill can be continued until ten shots are made or for the certain time period.
  • Dodgeball Variation – The way to practice this drill is to split your players into two teams, and place one in each of the center and goal thirds. Give each team a number of balls – maybe half as many balls as there are players. The players then throw the balls to each other, while trying to catch the other team’s passes. It is different to dodgeball in the sense that the two teams are trying to work together in a way to successfully pass the ball. This drill works well in teams which are already quite skilled, and who have a strong desire to work well together and a strong sense of self-motivation.
  • Weaving Drill – This drill depends on the basics of the game: get your feet moving quickly. To begin with – set up a line of cones about 1.5 meters apart. The athletes then take turns moving through the line of cones, using just their outside legs to push-off. Once they reach the end, they turn around and return in the same way. Time each player so they can try and beat each other’s times and improve their own. This drill would be especially useful when incorporated in some sort of training or fitness circuit so that the players don’t have to wait a long time between turns.

Players have the chance to choose from a number of drills depending on the area they are willing to cover and improve apart from the regular ones that improve people’s performance in the game and their fitness.

If you’re looking for some help related to drills make sure to check out a few netball drill videos because that is the undoubtedly the fastest way for you to learn something about the game without much problems.

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