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Different Tips And Strategies A Defensive Netball Player Must Know

Posted by: | Posted on: December 9, 2020

Creating opportunities by gaining ball possession is the main objective of a defensive player. Hence, this position is very imperative to putting points on the scoreboard. Defenders attack the opposing team by intercepting. This will happen not only by paying attention to your opponent but being attentive also about where the ball is at all times.

How To Become The Most Effective Defensive Player

You need to keep your eye on the ball at all times. Another skill you must develop is watching the player. You main objective is to know where the ball is as well as to anticipate where it is going by judging its distance and speed. The best opportunity for you to cover ground is offered by high, long balls. You can actually hone your skills by watching your teammates shoot during practice. You must focus on how the ball bounces off the ring. Moreover, you must anticipate where it goes depending on where it makes contact. If you make use of this game in every game, you can surely master anticipating ball movements.

Get close to your opponent. Your best friend in this support is hassling. Bear in mind that filling the spaces in the goal circle will create excellent opportunities for hassling. Make use of your outside arm. Always practice this skill anywhere you might be at.

Focus on speed and agility. These are the essential skills to a defender. It is often associated with those who are not as tall. But if you are shorter, you must practice your ups. Always remember that maneuverability is more important than height. Shorter individuals must also practice their leaping skills as this is very important in developing muscles so you can jump higher. This will help make assaulting and intercepting on shot goals a lot easier.

Learn how to anticipate positioning. Position often comes from anticipation. If you place yourself where you expect the action, you will be in the prime position to cut off an incoming pass.

Communicate with your teammates. When you see something that is very crucial to your teammates, call it out if the play is down the court. Oftentimes, defenders do not know what is happening on the other part of the court when they become completely focused on the ball and their opponent. With efficient communication, other team members will know exactly what is happening to the other world as well.

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