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4 Netball Attacking Skills And Drills

Netball is a sports activity played by two teams of seven players; players have to score more goals than the opposition. When the team player passes the ball to the player in the goal circle, it should give the ball through the goal ring. To place the goal, players should know the attacking skills and drills.

Since there are two primary positions in Netball and the team members that play on the scoring half of the court, the members of these two positions focus primarily on attacking in netball and grasping the team’s overall success to understand skills useful for team attack lines.

Hence Netball is a challenging game, especially if you are not in regular practice, however, with consistent hard work, you will probably have a chance of going far in this game.

Netball attacking skills involve the players to keep in position and passing the ball across to the centre and goal zones to the shooting circle, also known as D. This article will discuss the four netball attacking skills and drills, and here are some attacking exercises you need to understand.

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1.Passing And Catching Drill

In Netball sport, players have to stand approximately 3m apart from each other. Players should bounce pass the ball to other players. Thrower stands with the workers’ back and tosses the ball up to half a meter and catches himself. The attacker then completes a straight drive to receive the ball and return the ball using a shoulder pass.

2.Straight Lead Lines

This attacking strategy works within a group of four players in Netball. Player 1 makes a lead-out at 45 degrees to receive the pass. Similarly, player two will make a straight lead to obtain access from player 1. They pivot and pass the ball to the second thrower.

3.Changing Drives

This strategy works in groups of 4 Netball players. Each player drives through the cones focusing on changing the direction. They push off on the outside foot at each cone to go hard the other way. Whereas Touch and Drive also work in pairs where players run away from the thrower to touch the line with their foot, they turn quickly and drive hard to receive a straight pass.

Netball players have to complete ten straight drives and then swap over. Players ensure to keep their eyes on the ball to their hands and never slows down until they get the ball again.

4.Fox and Geese

This attacking drill also works within the groups of 4 players in Netball. Three players join their hands to form a circle. An extra player, nominated as a tagger or ʻfoxʼ, stands outside the ring. The fox aims to tag the player in the process designated as the ʻgooseʼ.

Netball players keep the circle intact and aim to re-position to protect the goose from being caught.

Fox makes quick changes of direction to move around the ring and try to catch the goose. The fox cannot push through nor go outside of the circle. After the designated time frame, probably 30 seconds or after, the goose will be tagged by the players, and players change their role.

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