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Sports Stable Ball Pump with 5 Needles. Dual-Action Air Pump for Your Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball, Volleyball, and Other Inflatable Balls

Posted by: | Posted on: December 9, 2020

Price: $14.99 - $11.49
(as of Dec 09,2020 11:34:18 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Sports Stable Dual Action Ball Pump with 5 needles.


Your time is valuable, don’t waste it attaching unreliable hoses or tubes. The needle is screwed in and you’re ready to pump!With its dual action inflation whether you are pulling or pushing on the handle, you will be inflating your ball.This pump will save you time for your sports game. When you are on the go, you can throw it in your sports bag, in the trunk of the car or simply carry it.This Pump is designed to get the air into the ball without it escaping back out.Sturdy and Dependable Air Pump for your Football, Rugby Ball, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball and other Inflatable Devices.

Instructions for using your Sports Stable ball pump:

1.Lubricate the needle and valve. A little soap and water will do the job. Just place a few drops in and around the valve of your ball. This helps maintain the valve, and helps with the needle insertion. Lubricate the needle with the same solution.

2.Use reasonable pressure to insert the needle into the valve for the first time, especially if your sports ball is new or has never previously been inflated.

3.Insert the needle until it is roughly 3/4 of the way into the ball and begin inflation.

4.Push and pull the handle to inflate your ball to the desired amount. You should hear air ‘whooshing’ in with each push and pull of the handle.

5.Enjoy many hours with your fully inflated ball.

football pump, basketball, rugby, volleyball, water polo,football pump, basketball, rugby, volleyball, water polo,

Robust and versatile design

At Sports Stable we engineered our pump with precision and dependability in mind. Whatever sport you play, you can rely on our pump to keep your ball optimally inflated, and avoid flat spots in your game.

basketball, pump, dual action, ball pumpbasketball, pump, dual action, ball pump

Ergonomically engineered for comfort and ease of use

Grip is key to utility. At Sports Stable we developed our pump with this in mind. We rubberized the handle to offer a non slip surface for optimal grip, and designed the tip of the pump with ergonomic contours that tactile fingers wrap around.

football pump, dual action, basketball, volleyball, portablefootball pump, dual action, basketball, volleyball, portable

Compact slim line design

Sport’s bag tight for space? No problem! Slim line design and compact dimensions (9inches/1inch) mean your new Sports Stable ball pump fits into the tightest of spaces and can come with you to every game and practice.

portable, dual action, ball pump, football, rugby, basketball, volleyballportable, dual action, ball pump, football, rugby, basketball, volleyball

Twice the inflation in half the time

Your time and energy are precious. That goes double on game day. With dual action technology your Sports Stable ball pump pushes air into your ball on both the up and down stroke, conserving your energy and getting you back in the game in half the time.

FAST ACTION BALL PUMP- saves your time. Your new pump inflates with each push and pull of the handle
EASY TO USE- Minimal pieces, no hose to attach. Save your time for the game not assembling a pump
DURABLE- Sleek robust design means you can rely on it to get you back on the pitch and ready to play
PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT- Fits in your bag, trunk, even your pocket. Take it wherever you may need it
GUARANTEED PRODUCT, FOREVER- Should your pump ever fail you we will give you a complete refund.

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