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Different Tips And Strategies A Defensive Netball Player Must Know

Creating opportunities by gaining ball possession is the main objective of a defensive player. Hence, this position is very imperative to putting points on the scoreboard. Defenders attack the opposing team by intercepting. This will happen not only by paying attention to your opponent but being attentive also about where the ball is at all times.

How To Become The Most Effective Defensive Player

You need to keep your eye on the ball at all times. Another skill you must develop is watching the player. You main objective is to know where the ball is as well as to anticipate where it is going by judging its distance and speed. The best opportunity for you to cover ground is offered by high, long balls. You can actually hone your skills by watching your teammates shoot during practice. You must focus on how the ball bounces off the ring. Moreover, you must anticipate where it goes depending on where it makes contact. If you make use of this game in every game, you can surely master anticipating ball movements.

Get close to your opponent. Your best friend in this support is hassling. Bear in mind that filling the spaces in the goal circle will create excellent opportunities for hassling. Make use of your outside arm. Always practice this skill anywhere you might be at.

Focus on speed and agility. These are the essential skills to a defender. It is often associated with those who are not as tall. But if you are shorter, you must practice your ups. Always remember that maneuverability is more important than height. Shorter individuals must also practice their leaping skills as this is very important in developing muscles so you can jump higher. This will help make assaulting and intercepting on shot goals a lot easier.

Learn how to anticipate positioning. Position often comes from anticipation. If you place yourself where you expect the action, you will be in the prime position to cut off an incoming pass.

Communicate with your teammates. When you see something that is very crucial to your teammates, call it out if the play is down the court. Oftentimes, defenders do not know what is happening on the other part of the court when they become completely focused on the ball and their opponent. With efficient communication, other team members will know exactly what is happening to the other world as well.

Source by Barbara Greene

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Tips for Choosing the Right Netball Kit

Netball is a popular sport for girls all over the world. As a sport that is not only played in schools, but also up to professional Super league level, netball is an activity that not only requires the dedication and skill of many other team games such as football and rugby, but also necessitates the perfect kit too.

As any sports player will confirm, wearing the right sports clothes can make an enormous difference not only to the player’s enjoyment of the game, but also to their performance too. This is especially true in more dynamic sports such as netball, as running, turning and jumping all require certain design features in each garment.

The essentials for netball players basically include two different options: netball dresses, or a netball top and skirt or skort. As an alternative to skirts and skorts it is also possible to buy netball shorts or pants, although many teams prefer skirts for a number of reasons.

One of these is that they can allow a greater range of movement than shorts do, and can also be far more comfortable. Netball is a dynamic sport, and plenty of running and jumping is required. Having a skirt means that it is very easy to move freely during the game, which is a main reason why this garment is such a popular choice.

One modern alternative is the skort, which is a blend of the skirt and a pair of shorts. This provides a greater level of flexibility than just plain shorts, and at the same time it can also provide more comfort and ease on the court. The reason for this is that there are no special sports undergarments required, which are necessary when wearing a skirt.

Netball vests and shirts make up another important part of this duo, perfectly complimenting the skort or the skirt. With these items, length is very important, as items that are too long can be uncomfortable and restrictive, and items that are too short can ride up, making them equally uncomfortable and impractical.

If opting for a skirt and top combination, care should be taken to choose a garment for the lower body that balances comfort and ease of movement, whilst length is a top consideration for garments worn on the upper body.

The main alternatives to this are netball dresses, which seamlessly integrate a top and bottom garment into one item that is easy to wear and fully flexible to allow for the greatest range of movement. Again, length is an important consideration here, and often netball dresses will need to be tailored to the height of each girl on the netball team.

These will also require the purchase of special shorts and underwear for beneath the dresses for ultimate comfort. Regardless of this, dresses remain the most popular choice on the court for their high level of comfort and their suitability for the dynamism of the game – they also can make for some fantastic and unique-looking uniforms.

Regardless of the selection of garments chosen, the type of fabric is very important to select carefully, as it will affect every netball player’s performance during the game. Many fabrics are synthetic blends, which is a reasonable choice considering their lightweight nature and ability to regulate moisture, with added flexibility being a bonus.

They are not the only options on the market however, and your choice should be made based upon you and your team’s needs and preferences, as well as what is available within your budget from your chosen retailer and manufacturer.

Fit is also important – as mentioned above in regards to length – and choosing items that are not too snug nor too loose will also mean that netball players perform as best they can, whether they are wearing a dress or a vest and shorts.

Source by Rosemary Carter

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How Volleyball Is Played

Compared to other team sports, volleyball may involve less physical contact but it is still a challenging sport for the reason that the game entails constant motion. Being purely a rebound sport, no player can hold the ball but can only pass, set, hit, spike or block the ball.

The court

Volleyball is played by two teams on a court which is divided crosswise by a net. The offensive goal of each team is to send the ball – without holding the ball — in such a way that it lands on the ground of the opposing team.

The players

Each team consists of 6 players who must rotate in a clockwise position every time the team wins back service time. Three players are at the net positions and the other three are at the back. Only the players at the net can block or spike near the net. Those at the back court can also block or spike provided that they jump from behind the three-meter-line, also known as the attack line.

The starting line-up usually includes such specialists as the setter, two center-line backers, two receiver-hitters and what is known as a universal spiker. In 1998, the International Federation of Volleyball introduced a new specialist player position called the libero who is the only one that does not take part in rotation.

The libero serves a critical role in receiving service and playing defense in the backcourt. Although he cannot serve, spike or rotate into the frontline, he holds the key to making his team run a successful offense by a combination of excellent passing and ball-handling.


Volleyball has adopted since 1998 a standard scoring system known as the Rally Point System which allows a team to score a point regardless of whichever of the two teams is serving. This is unlike the traditional scoring system in which only the team at service can score.

The ball is hurled into play by a service. Each team is allowed only 3 hits in the service reception. The ball is volleyed back and forth in what is known as a rally. The rally goes on until the ball gets grounded on the playing court, goes out of the court or is not returned properly. Whoever wins a rally scores a point.

A receiving team which wins a rally not only gains a point but also wins the right to serve and the opportunity to rotate clockwise.


Matches are staged via best-of-five sets. The first four sets are all played to 25 points while the last or fifth set is played to only 15 points. A team wins a set if he out scores the opponent by at least 2 points. As there is no ceiling point, a set continues until a team wins by 2 points.


During the early years of volleyball, the usual attire consists of baggy shirts and shorts. Today, volleyball uniforms are less baggy and more formal-looking. Shirts could either be sleeveless, short-sleeved or long-sleeved and paired with either trousers or shorts. Players also wear volleyball shoes.

Source by Tim A Barth

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What Is a Double Contact and a Lift in Volleyball?

In the game of volleyball, you’ll find rules about how the player is permitted to set the volleyball. It may be especially aggravating to have players consistently called for illegal contact of the ball. Being a coach is without question nerve-racking enough without requiring you to regularly put up with a player that is constantly doing this.

There are in essence two kinds of mistakes when it comes to setting or passing the ball – double contacts and lifts. You will discover conditions to the double contact rule; nonetheless as you are going to notice, you’ll find no exceptions to lifting. Beach volleyball rules and indoor volleyball rules both apply to the examples below. Beach volleyball does contain one exception although.

Double Contacts

A double contact performed by a volleyball player on the initial touch is essentially legal. To illustrate, if the spiker spikes the volleyball, the player performing defense could contact the ball two times in an effort to dig the ball. Double contact shouldn’t be called till contact is made after the primary play on the ball. A different feasible scenario for a player that makes a genuine touch is if the ball bounces off of the forearm, then your shoulder. This is certainly acceptable provided that the player performs an “athletic movement” throughout the contact of the volleyball. Double contact will be whistled when a setter makes a blunder setting the ball or passing the volleyball, once again, following the first contact. It is somewhat easy to see a double contact because the ball will come out of the player’s hands with a lot of spin, and it will just look awkward.


Lifting the volleyball, which is essentially catching or throwing the ball, is not allowed during the entire match. There You will not find any exceptions to this rule. When a player or setter basically catches or throws the ball, that is a lift. The ball stalls in the player’s hands and essentially has to be thrown. This is a called a lift and players in indoor volleyball likely will never get away with it. a great example of this is when a setter tries to set the ball from “below the belt”. The ball will have to be lifted up above the shoulders for the setter to set it. This happens often and will always be called a lift. Beach volleyball actually has different rules for this. Beach volleyball rules allow the volleyball to be slightly lifted while setting. It actually looks like the setter catches the ball and throws it. However, for some reason, this is allowed in beach volleyball. Not surprisingly it cannot be a total catch and throw. It should be all in one motion. So by trying to set exactly the same way indoor as setters set in beach, the referee will likely blow the whistle each time. It is humorous as you can frequently notice setters who plainly are beach volleyball players.

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Netball Players Must Consider Signing Up In Social Ladies’ Teams

Netball is indeed among the awesome and fun games you can play. If you want to participate in social netball games, consider forming your own team rather than signing up as an individual player. If you have several slots vacant, you might need to launch a recruitment campaign among your friends, acquaintances, and family. It would be nice for you to discuss to them the benefits provided by social ladies’ team.

Benefits Of Joining Social Netball Games

Fun and Easy – They actually offer an easy and fun way of getting started with the sport. Be aware that social netball is among the ideal sports of beginners. You do not have to be worried about everyone playing better than you. In fact, you can even become an advantage if you are new to the game. Recently, there were several changes to netball rules; hence, you can start out playing by such rules. The other players might need to do some adjustments.

Awesome Sports Venues – You will be able to have access to great sports venues if you sign up for social netball games.

Support Group – They will act as an automatic support group. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or not, you and your team will definitely give each other the motivation to play the sport very well. You know that there are several people celebrating your accomplishments. Expect also that the support will extend to other areas of your life as the friendship becomes stronger.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Games

If you have finally entered into competing with other teams, there are several tips provided by experts so you can get the most out of your every game.

Always wear comfortable attire – This won’t only apply if you are playing the actual game. Rather, you must be in the right uniform and footwear every time you are in the court. So even if you are just practicing, you have to wear the right clothing. And if you have new items, test them for comfort and size. Also, use your new playing shoes when jogging around the neighbourhood.

Prepare yourself – You have to become fit enough so you can run up and down the court easily and comfortably. Performing a couple of cardio workouts is highly recommended.

Allocate time for practice – Though social netball games won’t call for training and practice, you still need to do unofficial drills with a friend like passing the ball back and forth. You may also do some moving styles used in netball.

Source by Sinthia Francis

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Suck and Tuck – The Dancer’s Secret

How to breathe and sculpt your way to a flat dancer’s tummy!

Dancers Have Beautiful, Strong and Sexy Centers

Whether you are watching hot new TV shows like Dancing with the Stars on ABC USA or So You Think You Can Dance on Fox TV USA, you can see that the dancers all have flat sexy abdominals that are not bulky or thick. They’re absolutely stunning to watch, both the women and the men.

The greatest testimony of how dance moves and dance technique shape the abs is to watch the competitors when they first begin competing and the final episodes. Their bodies transform into even more beautiful and sexy shapes from show one to the finals. I am sold on how dancing and dance technique defines your body so much that I make my athletes, professionals and novices do dance moves and use dance philosophy to prepare them for their competitions.

Suck and Tuck

As you lie on your back with your knees bent, place your feet flat on the floor hip width apart. Relax your neck and shoulders. Begin every ab exercise with this technique. Suck your abdominals in and press them back and down into your pelvic floor. Then tuck your pelvis under so that your tailbone is pointing upward toward the sky. This allows your lower abdominals to become flat. This technique builds great abdominal definition and greatly increases overall strength. Thus you have the Suck and Tuck Dancer’s Secret Abdominal Training Technique.

In this position, power breathing is performed by taking a slow deep breath through the nose about 75% of your lung capacity. Breathe in to the stomach using the diaphragm. Exhale through the mouth plugging your teeth with your tongue and hiss while tensing the abs until a full contraction has been obtained. This should be performed to the beat of four counts or four seconds. Four seconds up, four seconds down. Inhale before you curl or crunch and exhale as you roll down or return to starting position. Hold at the top for four counts and you inhale again then exhale and you roll back down.

Instructions for a Complete Set

4 Counts curling Up – Hold 4- Roll Down 4 counts

A set sounds like this

Inhale four counts, as you curl up, exhale four counts

Hold at the top and inhale four counts

Exhale as you roll down four counts.

This can be done with basic crunches or any series you wish to put together.

When you are ready to exercise, practice this technique when you do your abs too. It is a total secret that helps make your abs tight and your lower belly flat as you lose weight!


Source by Victoria Johnson

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Sports Facts – Women’s Volleyball

Did you know…

London will host the 2012 Olympic Volleyball Tournament. A maximum of 12 teams will participate in the event. The United Kingdom and Brazil -2008 Olympic gold medal- have qualified for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Curiously, Great Britain has never competed in the Pre-Olympics, World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games. Great Britain did not qualify for the European Championships in 2007.

The People’s Republic of China, Brazil and Russia are the favorites for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. China won the gold medal at the Girls’ Under- 18 World Volleyball Championships in Mexico in 2007.

The United States hopes to win its first world title in 2009. With Lang Ping as coach -a former Chinese volleyball player who had taken part in the 1982 World Cup and 1984 Olympics- the U.S. women’s volleyball team trains very hard for the 2009 World Cup in Tokyo (Japan).

From 1962 to 1967, Japan dominated the international tournaments and players from that Asian country won two World Championships.

Venezuela qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics through the South American Pre-Olympic in Lima, Peru. For the first time, Venezuela defeated Peru 3-2 ( 22-25, 27-25, 22-25, 25-22, 15-12). Curiously, Venezuela has never participated in the World Championships or Olympic Games. In 1982, Venezuela finished 5th place at the Central American & Caribbean Games…

Russia has got seven world championships ( USSR ‘ 52, France ‘ 56, Brazil ‘ 60, Bulgaria ‘ 70, Uruguay ‘ 73, China ‘ 90, Japan ‘ 06 ) and four Olympic titles (Mexico ‘ 68, West Germany ‘ 72, USSR ‘ 80, South Korea ‘ 88).

In 1980, South Korea -one of the world’s best volleyball teams- did not send a team to the Pre-Olympics in Bulgaria. Why ? Between 1948 and 1987, South Korea -an anti-Communist state in the 20th century- did not establish formal diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic of Bulgaria. The tournament was part of the Olympic qualification system for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.

Algeria -which won the gold medal at the 2007 Pan African Games- is the first Arab team to participate in the Olympic Games (Beijing 2008).

From 1952 to 1973, China did not compete in the World Championships ( Moscow ‘ 52, Paris ‘ 56, Rio ‘ 60, Moscow ‘ 62, Tokyo ‘ 67, Sofia ‘ 70 ) and Asian Games ( Jakarta ‘ 62, Bangkok ‘ 66, Bangkok ‘ 70 ). Why ? Because the People’s Republic of China was not member of the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball ( FIVB ). In 1974, China became an official member of the FIVB. This nation made its international debut at the 1974 Asian Games in Tehran (Iran). Three weeeks later, China competed in the World Championships in Guadalajara, Mexico. In the preliminary round, China lost two matches: Poland (3-1) and Japan (3-0/ 1972 Olympic champion).The People’s Republic of China finished in 14th place -among 24 nations- at the 1974 FIVB World Championships. In the 1980s, China became the first country to win 5 of 8 major volleyball tournaments:

1980: China boycotted the Moscow Olympics

1981: Japan World Cup-1st place

1982: Peru World Championships-1st place

1984: Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games-1st place

1985: Japan World Cup-1st place

1986: Czechoslovakia World Championships-1st place

1988: South Korea Olympic Games-3rd place

1989: Japan World Cup- 3rd place

South Korea won the FIVB U-20 World Championship in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1977. Korea beat China for the gold medal. For the first time, three volleyball teams from Asia competed in the finals (Korea, China and Japan).

Massachusetts (United States) is the birthplace of volleyball…

The Romanian women’s volleyball squad won the gold medal at the 1980 World Olympic Qualification in Varna (Bulgaria). Final standings:




4.North Korea



Like many former Soviet-bloc nations, Ukraine was one of the last members of the FIVB. Surprisingly, Ukraine won the silver medal at the 1993 World Youth Championships in South America.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea / North Korea -which won the Olympic bronze medal in Munich in 1972- did not want to compete in the World Championships in 1974. The team also did not participate in the Asian Cup in Melbourne (Australia) in 1975.

Mexico hosted the 2007 Girl’s Youth World Championships. There were 16 teams: Mexico, Serbia, South Korea, Belarus, Brazil, Japan, Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy, Russia, Dominican Republic, Peru, China, USA, Tunisia and Turkey.

Nigeria became the first black African team to qualify for the FIVB World Cup in 1982. On September 14, Peru -1979 Pan American silver medalist- upset Nigeria -African champion- in the opener of the World Cup. The score was 15-0, 15-0,15-0.

Volleyball is one of the most popular Olympic sports in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, North Korea and the People’s Republic of China.

The United States won the gold medal at the 1981 NORCECA Tournament. The U.S. women’s volleyball team won the international tournament after losing in the final three times in a row ( 1975, 1977, 1979 ).

In the 1980s, Maria Salgado Barroso (Brazilian volleyball player) played in the Japanese Volleyball League.

Minorka Marisela Mercado Carrero was one of the “most beautiful volleyball players” in the world. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, she played for Venezuela. Minorka represented her country at the 1989 World Youth Cup in Lima, Peru. On September 3, 1993 she became the second sportswoman elected Miss Venezuela. Minorka was discovered by Osmel Sousa -Director of Miss Universe Venezuela. Under the direction of Osmel, she was second runner-up in the Miss Universe pageant in 1994…

The German Democratic Republic / East Germany -Olympic silver medalist in 1980- did not compete at the FIVB Women’s World Cup in Peru in 1982.

The first Women’s Volleyball World Cup was in Moscow ( USSR / Russia) in 1952.

The U.S. women’s volleyball team has not won the World Championships.

Source by Alejandro Guevara Onofre

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Posterior Chain Basics: Power Production

Firstly let’s examine what makes up the posterior chain (p. chain). For the purposes of this article, the p. chain is defined by the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. Essentially, the p. chain is made up of all of the muscles to the rear of your midline from your lower back to your heels. The word “posterior” is used anatomically to describe anything to the rear, hence the muscle group to our rear.

The function of the p. chain (amongst other things) is to extend the ankle, knee and hip joint. This is also known as triple extension. If you imagine being in the lower squat position, triple extension is the motion that is responsible for getting you back into the standing position. With this in mind, triple extension is power generation from the ground up in linear forward motion.

A handy advantage to having a strong posterior chain is extra protection from lower back injury. This is all too common in strength and power athletes, more so in the general public or gym punter who spends countless hours on arms, abs, chest, arms and arms. Developing the posterior chain It’s no secret, though it is widely neglected, (in this author’s gym anyway) to train in the movements you need to get strong in. For about 99.9% of us, that means training the triple extension. This is because a great deal of us generate postural imbalances from sitting down all day, causing the anterior chain (the muscles opposing the posterior chain) to remain shortened for prolonged periods of time. Cure = stretch the anterior chain and train the p. chain.

“How the heck do you do it?” you ask. Well, your best bet is completing any exercises that involve loaded or unloaded triple extension. Squatting is king. From a powerlifting and sports power coaching perspective, full depth squats are unrivalled when it comes to p. chain development. Don’t believe it? That’s cool, ask any strength and conditioning coach worth his or her weight in salt how they visually assess an athlete’s power production with no prior knowledge. Serious dollars would go on an answer like “the size of his/her ass”. Big powerful glutes generate big power, pretty simple.

Source by Pas Kabi

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What Kind of Netball Equipment Do You Need?

When you start playing a sport like netball you will have to take the time to learn the rules of the game and also how to play. You will take time to study the moves, positions, and list of things you are not allowed to do. You should also think about getting some netball equipment so that you can practice at home or if you are introducing the sport at your school.

Netball is a sport that is similar to basketball and is usually played by women only, although men’s netball is a growing sport.

The differences between netball and basketball are the fact that instead of running with the ball and dribbling, in netball you are not allowed to move when you have the ball. If you are passed the netball you have to stop, keeping the landing foot on the ground at all times whilst you can lift the other foot to pivot in another direction before passing the ball on to another player. Each player is only allowed within certain sections of the court and the netball ring is much higher and smaller than that of a basketball ring and it doesn’t have the backboard to assist players in scoring a goal.

The netball equipment that you need will consist of a regulation size net without a backboard and a netball. A regulation netball post can be free standing so that it can be wheeled away when not in use or it can be socketed, so that it screws into an underground socket. These are available for use on both indoor and outdoor netball courts. The regulation height of the ring is ten feet, but posts will also usually have two lower settings for infant and junior netball. If you don’t have room for a regulation size post in the garden there are garden style sets available with posts which separate into sections and fit into a polythene base, like that used for sun shades or alternatively you can purchase wall mounted netball rings to fix on an existing wall. These are useful for younger players as the wall will act as a backboard to assist them in scoring until their skill and confidence increases.

The netball is not as hard and heavy as a basket ball and is meant to encourage a fast game, even though you are not allowed to run with the ball. Netballs are available for either indoor use, outdoor use or a combination of both. Netballs come in two sizes size 4 is for juniors and size 5 is for senior netball. If buying a netball for home use then a training ball will be sufficient, if buying for a school or club then you will need several training balls and then one or two match quality netballs for use in competitive games.

The netball team is made up of seven players and each player has a position. This is indicated using a netball bib or Velcro patch with the positional letters printed on it. Each position has certain parts of the court which they are allowed to operate within and the rest of the court is out of bounds. Most clubs and schools will have at least two sets of bibs so that they can practice with two teams and also so that they can swap sets if the opponents’ bibs are the same or similar colour when playing away. It is important for both teams to have a set of bibs because the positions and where the players can go are a vital part of the game so the umpire will need to know who is who on the court to rule effectively. It isn’t possible to get away with one team being bibs and one team being non-bibs as it might be in football, they are a vital piece of netball equipment. Bibs are sold in sets of seven for the whole team and some netball dresses come with the positional patches included. Reversible bibs are also available so that teams only need carry one set with them when playing away from home and they can swap the colour they wear if necessary.

Netball uses very specific rules and you have to play within a strict pattern and layout otherwise you get penalised. To practice these positions you will make use of netball training equipment like cones where you will have to stop and start running, weave in and out of them, and practice throwing and catching techniques.

Another important piece of netball equipment is a good pair of netball shoes. These are designed specifically for the strains of netball focusing on the pivot points and on cushioning and grip. Some are designed for outdoor netball, some for indoor and some for both types of game.

The last thing that you will need is netball clothing. For training you will just need tracksuits and possibly baselayers to keep you comfortable and improve your performance. When playing in matches most schools and teams will have a netball kit. This is usually made up of a skirt and a blouse with lycra pants underneath but now skorts and dresses are becoming more popular. A skort is a skirt with a built in pair of undershorts and the netball dresses are all in one top and skirt combined usually with Velcro style fixings to add positional patch bibs to.

These are the only items of netball equipment you will need. The players are not required to wear any head gear or guards, as it is not a full contact sport. In fact contact is prohibited and you can get fouled for pushing, leaning into or obstructing your mark or another opponent unless it was an accidental collision which is very unlikely.

A full range of netball equipment can be found from online specialist suppliers and some good sports shops.

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